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Underwear As Outerwear? How The Bold Pull That Off At Festivals

So, you’ve got a music festival coming up, and you want to turn heads by wearing the boldest outfit you can conceive. Something that you could only possibly get away with at a festival, but it will make you a hero at that festival.

Well what if… you wear your clothes in reverse? What if your underwear was your outerwear. No, we’re not talking about rocking up dressed as Superman or Batman, but rather taking that idea and making it awesome.

It’s a move that’s only for the brave, but since you’re here, you must have given it a thought or two, and you’ve come to the right place. You’re shopping for men’s underwear online because you need the right undies to pull this off, and at Fundaks, we have you covered. Literally and figuratively. Here’s how you can take your new undies and turn them into the perfect outerwear:

Layer Like a Boss

Of course, you don’t want to rock up wearing nothing but your undies. You’re going to have to add to it to make this look awesome. A great place to start is with a sheer mesh top that whispers sweet nothings to the crowd while showcasing those vibrant boxer briefs underneath. It’s like a little secret between you and the beat of the music. And the best part? You’ll stay cool while looking hot.

Colour Me Bold

If you’re going to be this bold, you may as well go kaleidoscopic and really be the centre of attention! To achieve this, choose boxer briefs in bright or neon hues or patterns that scream ‘I’m here to party’. Pair them with a neutral mesh top to let those colours pop with the contrast.

Accessorise with Attitude

Now, let’s talk accessories. A bold belt can cinch your look together, quite literally. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, throw on a harness. That belts-and-straps look goes well with the… minimalist approach to your lower half, and will make sure that you don’t look just under-dressed.

Footwear That Stomps

Next, you need to think of what’s going on your feet. After all, with the bare legs, the footwear is going to be all the more obvious, and it needs to pair with the rest of your outfit. Also, since you’ll be at a festival, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable. Your best bet is comfortable sneakers or boots that can handle the mud, the mosh pit, and the moonlit stroll back to your tent.

Hat Trick

Finally, don’t forget a hat! It’s practical for sun protection and perfect for that mysterious allure. Plus, it keeps your hair somewhat presentable for those festival selfies.

Just remember to double-check the event rules regarding dress codes, as this is the daring option and some festivals might not look fondly on that. Otherwise, however, just remember that your best bet for pulling this off is simple: confidence.

You’re out there, having fun and enjoying the freedom of the festival. Wear that Fundaks underwear-turned-outerwear with pride and strut into the festival like it’s your personal runway.

Just don’t forget to let everyone know about the pocket! It was made for festivals just like the one you’re heading to 😉.


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